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Randa is a Certified Professional Performance Coach, a graduate of Source Point Training, Tempe, Arizona.  She has a Masters in Educational Administration and Supervision from Stetson University, Deland, Florida and a Bachelors Degree in Special and Elementary Education from the University of Michigan, Ann Arbor, Michigan.  Randa has always been dedicated to the people with whom she is working, supporting and mentoring when asked. She is dedicated to acquiring new knowledge and skills on a continual basis. She is generous, sometimes to a fault, and takes others with her as she scales new heights on a very regular basis.

Randa is unusual in her ability to marshal her energies over the long term to achieve her consistently well-chosen goals. She is a natural leader and others frequently seek her out for her wisdom and counsel. She is open and democratic, willing to hear and understand a variety of differing opinions and is quite good at synthesizing many different points of view into a cohesive whole. She is approachable, tactful, and known for her genuine warmth.

Becoming a Certified Professional Performance Coach is a culmination of skills which Randa has acquired leading organizations, teaching and facilitating workshops and seminars and motivating and planning programs for and with hundreds of people throughout her career. Known for her engaging smile and compassionate ways, Randa will make you feel right at home, even in your own skin.

With humor and introspection, you will experience moments of discovery and joy on your own personal coaching journey. You may partner with Randa individually, with your own personally chosen group or with your organization. There is guaranteed growth and self-worth when you invest in yourself!

“Coaching with Randa helped me and gave me tools to realize I could do anything.  But most of all it gave me a new “positive wave” for my everyday life, and I have been riding that wave ever since." - Noemi

"Having Randa as a coach in my life kept me honest with myself, which allowed me to excel in all areas we worked on. I am forever grateful of this experience. Not only did I gain a coach, but a true friend for life." - Menachem


Life Is like Riding A Bicycle
To Keep Your Balance

- Albert Einstein

Call Randa for a complimentary consult. You may choose your purpose for your call and Randa will design an exercise so that you may experience a personal and positive ‘aha’ to your life through performance coaching.

“You are always one choice away from changing your life. Choose to Take a Chance." - Mac Anderson