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Randa assists you in embracing the change you desire, creating the forward movement in your life and
as a result “Coaching is a 'Presence' you give yourself.”


Coaching with Randa

Deep down, sometimes hidden, you realize that you know 'who' you are and 'what' you would like to be doing with your life. However, everyday details and commitments can and do get in your way stealing time and energy which could be for fulfilling your dreams.

With Randa, as your partnering coach, together you make the time to discover and define your goals, renew your purpose and together design your future, taking the steps necessary to get there. On a weekly basis you check in with Randa where you will receive consistent follow-up, powerful questions and support.

It’s quite simple really.
You can accomplish your goals be happy and successful.

When you are ready and willing to commit to the coaching process, you will refocus and live your purpose in life.

Today is a perfect day to make a decision that will determine the direction your life and future will take. Are you ready to take the first step? Call Randa.